About us

DANIRES is a producer of high quality processed pork meat: polish sausages, smoked meat, variety meat products and also minced meat. See our catalogue and discover the variety of products – from classical country – style smoked meats to brand new tastes.

Our specialities are produced in Krokowo, (North-Eastern Poland) in a Meat Processing Plant operating with fully professional and dedicated staff of specialists who watch over the whole production process – from the very beginning to handing the finished product over to the customer. Our production is under constant supervision as well as our staff as the Veterinary Inspection. Professional temperature monitoring systems are used in the factory and also in delivery trucks. It all guarantees freshness, full safety and high quality of our products.

Our ambition is to combine old traditions of Polish meat processing with the requirements of new technology. If you are searching for unique taste of Polish sausages and smoked hams, our products will give you a good chance to become a fan of Polish meat specialities!